Mr and Mrs Wood Ducks

The Wood Ducks were still at the local lake. I got rather close to them since this log was close to the shoreline. The males attract the most attention will all their bright colors, but I think the female is quite attractive too.

We had our son's dog for a couple day and I noticed she seemed very uncomfortable and needed to pee way too much. Since she needed a couple shots anyway, I decided to take her to the vet. I am glad I took her because my son or daughter in law would have freaked out with the cost of the x-rays and exam to find out that she needs surgery for stones in her bladder. (Another $1500)  I am grateful I can help them with the cost.  Medical costs for animals is getting as bad as human medical care here. Anyone out there happy with the medical insurance in your country? 

Thanks for visiting for your wonderful comments about the holly berries yesterday; I agree that it did remind me that Christmas is coming soon. I just wish that bush was in my yard so I could cut a branch or two for Christmas Decorations. 

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