Four Blocks

or maybe I'll call this project Four Fifteen? My friend and fellow Blipper Lynn used this in a comment on another posting (IG, I think?) and I think there is a kind of ring to it I like. 

I'm restricting myself to walking no more than four blocks from home (this allows me the beach ;) but only "just") and I'm using my Mamiya 645 with just one roll of film per outing - this gives me 15 exposures. 

I'll try to develop and post same day. But there may be exceptions.

Today, I did a nice walk through the ravine in our neighbourhood. These are the stairs that access the ravine. I was going down the stairs. At the other end there are no stairs but I still have to walk up hill to get home. It's a leisurely walk from there, no strain ;)

For the film buffs out there, this was shot on Kodak 400TMY, developed 14:1 in Ilford's Ilfosol. I pushed the ISO to 800. Development time was 14:00. 

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