Remember our Lanai (porch) re-do??

We are getting near the end!! Here you see one of my altered books that I was photographing on the brand new tile floor of the lanai. See the extra photos for a close up of both. The tiles look like wood planks, but they are tile. Wonderful for a porch that may get rain on it and so much sturdier than our old lanai floor. We have an actual foundation now! 

Because construction industry has been so busy here in Florida it was difficult for our Contractor to get the subs to come and do their jobs in a timely fashion; everyone is so much in demand these days. He ended up doing a lot of the work himself. But, the stained cypress planks for the ceiling are about to go up, & then the electrician can come back and install the fans. Then the stucco man has to come for the exterior of the house. The stucco has to cure about 2 weeks before painting, but the screens & the door can go in and then sometime in December we hope, we will have the exterior of the house painted! A long project, but worth it. :o) More photos soon. 

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