Packing Up

........................................................before this scene all the men in the helping group had taken all the stuff we had put into the porch to the charity shop. I got shouted at by Alan to get up and help Liz do my packing for me..............I thought "she is perfectly capable of doing it all herself and I'll just stay in bed" which she is but it wouldn't have looked good so I went down to, not exactly help as she was doing such a good and methodical job but get on with other stuff. Mr AF was being barista at least as he does feel really guilty about not being able to lift things. What a huge help our friends and family have been. We really couldn't have done it without them. Barbara also made her famous cheese scones so that went great with the coffee and there were some leftover for my brother and his wife and sister when they came after lunch. My sister, having done an upholstery course took away 3 chairs to sot out for herself and her family. My brother took some tools from my father in law's tool box and my sister took the box with some tools in it. It's great when you can give stuff away.
Later we had a lovely meal up at the Sherrifmuir Inn where I sampled Wagyu Beef which was delicious.
Im afraid the photo is not exactly what I wanted from the processing point of view but time was running ou and I had to post this as fast as possible. I did fall asleep on the settee when I got back again

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