The Spy Who Loved Me

Today we attended the funeral of my friend Peggy, mother of my school friend Peggy-Ann. In this photo that I have chosen, she and her husband look like spies.............................the thing is that is what they were.
Peggy was born in London and didn't get the best education as she preferred to bunk off school and have adventures with her friends. 
She later joined the staff of Bletchley Park where she decoded messages between the regimes of Hitlar and Mussolini. It must have been there that she met her husband Donald, pictured, my friends father. Afterwards they worked in the Hong Kong secret service and later returned to Brora in Sutherland where the three sisters were born and thats how I met PA, on the 4th year of High School in Golspie. She moved to Glasgow and became secretary to Roy Jenkins but resigned when the party joined up with the liberal democrats. She was a force to be reckoned with as she was very opinionated and outspoken and not afraid to ask her friends and family to do various things for her. Her next trick was to go to Glasgow University where she argued with the tutors and finally got a degree in History. At that time she was the oldest student. Later I took this photo of her on her 90th birthday. She managed well in her flat in Glasgow until things became unsustainable and after a few disastrous care homes the family got her settled into Erskine House, a home for the Armed forces. I forgot to say that she was photographed with Richard Wilson (comedian) when she got her degree. He would have been a rector of the University at the time and she was given a medal by Gordon Brown for her services to security. What a woman !!!!! 
It was a very cold but very sunny day at the crematorium and a very lovely service and a talk about her by a friend at university, which was very moving.

After the aftermath with tea and sandwiches, I slept in the car home  (luckily I wasn't driving) and I feel that after such an emotional day I wont have trouble sleeping tonight. Peggy Ann and Roger are coming for a meal and a sleepover tomorrow. Its so good to have friends.

Extra shot I took of her when it was her 90th Birthday


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