I bought this memory card about three and a half years ago. I bought it just bought it just before I traveled to Latvia to see a good friend, who lived there at the time. I had a pretty good camera at that time and I wanted enough space to store all the photos I took whilst I was there. Sadly all the photos that were stored on this device have long since been moved onto my computer. I dug it out of the bags for sentimental purposes.

It's my day off so I'm enjoying watching The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King. JRR Tolkien was a genius. He wrote amazingly, and I heard that he also created not one but several different elven languages, as well as Orkish, Dwarfish and Entish, the languages appear that appear in the films were all written by Tolkien, and though the generally appear in the Lord of the Rings and the Hobbit, they also appear in many of his other books. When Tolkien made a mistake in his books, when a particular scene wouldn't go the direction he had wanted it to go, instead of rewriting that section, he'd rewrite the whole book. Which is quite a feat, I can tell you that. My love for the works of JRR Tolkien (and CS Lewis) won't die any time soon.

I've also got coconut oil in my hair (the stuff works wonders). I'm going to talk to my parents later. I've also tied my room up. I've become quite a tidy person… nine times out of the ten.

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