Back and Forth thru time

By pingufivemins

This Corrosion

Evening all.

It hasn't been exactly a vintage year for concert going.

Indeed, i think i have barely stretched out much past double figures, and i certainly haven't managed to blip many of them.

This one though, one of those ones that sort of crept up of me, indeed we got lost four times trying to find the bloody venue, then got lost inside (twice).

Oh my,  sometimes you can slightly mis-remember  how good some bands are til you get a visual reminder.

( though i never usually see the Sisters due to the banks of dry ice that roll relentlessly off the stage and make visibility as dense as an only way is Essex star)

2 guitars, a drum machine, a man in a Hawaiian shirt, and a croaky, charismatic, bald man crabbing across the stage.

Noise, smoke, sweat, heat.........

gig of the year.

night all

Sisters of Mercy

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