Morning Clamber

I woke up with a lot of stiffness in some of my joints this morning, so a vigorous walk to get the circulation flowing faster was in order. This dog is always up for a walk, and Keith is more or less as enthusiastic- So we clambered up our hill, the old snow has gone crusty and is hard enough to walk on without falling through. As we walked new snow started to fall out of that white sky.

I thought about the wreaths I want to make for the front doors (2), and spied out some greenery as we wandered. Later I cut some juniper, fir, lingon leave, & blueberry stalks. I found a pile of slim orangey-brown cones all in one place. They suggested themselves for the wreaths, I don't usually use them at all.

The bases I bound from fir branches last year were a good beginning to this year's creations, it went quicker than before. I have to work with thickish gloves as the needles bring me out in a rash otherwise. Clumsy but do-able. Anyhow, there's a big wreath on our front door and a neat little one on the red house door. Looks more promising now they are in place, as if Christmas really might be coming.

To assist, the snow is trickling down. We have been promised heaps, so I am hopeful!

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