Busy Saturday

There was plenty going on today. First of all it was Leo's quarter final cup match. Unfortunately they lost 2-0, and even worse the game was a horrid one as the other team were really physical and verbally abusive. They bashed Leo's team all over the field and and one of his teammates had to go to hospital to get his hand checked out as it was all bruised and swollen after he got bashed to the floor and then trodden on.

I was just glad they got through it without anyone else getting injured. When we suggested that the ref sorted the bashing out, so no-one else got hurt, he said it was all part of the game! We have to play them again in the league soon - it'll be a miracle if we get everyone turning up for that. I don't think they are looking forward to another bashing. I'll have to send Leo out in ice hockey goalie gear for protection!

After that miserable start to the day we stopped off for coffee and cake to warm us up and cheer us up before heading home.

After a little rest I went out for a nice plod around Dart's Farm and the Exe Estuary Trail whilst Ian had some therapy on his shoulder. Leo opted to stay home with Grandma in the warm.

Later we put up the Christmas tree and a few other decorations - have more to do tomorrow but it was getting close to Leo's bedtime so we called it quits for the day. It involved a bit of a jig around as we had bought a new tree and it was a bit wider than our previous one and it wouldn't fit in its usual spot. It didn't look so big in the shop!

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