By tondrijfhamer

Traffic jam

On my way to Assen this morning I stranded in a traffic jam. Very unusual in my area.

I had to go to a client in Assen to assist with a tax inspection.
The tax inspector had his conclusions ready at forehand and he talked a lot. Then at the end of his one hour monologue he concluded by saying: "So we all agree on the fact that this and this corrections have to be made?"

Then I jumped in and said, "No we don't, and here's why."
And I explained in one sentence why his arguments couldn't hold.

His eyes went very small and cold as ice when he looked at me for a very short time, then he was all jovial again and concluded that no corrections should be made at all.
It saved my client € 3.500,- additional taxes.

Somehow I was in a very good mood on the way back to my own office.

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