Predator...or Prey?

“Every single living thing is food to at least one living thing.” 
~ Mokokoma Mokhonoana

Randy noticed the Sharp-shinned hawk sitting on the fence again today. He must have a condo nearby as we've seen him in the last few days watching the birds & squirrels. 
What I didn't notice until today when I downloaded my photo was that he only has one foot. His leg is there, which he uses to balance, but his right foot is gone. 

I have a love/hate relationship with nature. As a child my Dad used to make me sit and watch National Geographic specials and I'd run from the room, crying, when the giraffe or zebra was attacked by the lion.  Dad would say, 'Rosemary, I know you love animals but this is the way nature must be.'  I couldn't watch Lassie because every week Lassie would come limping home to Timmy. Old Yeller? No way.  Even Black Beauty was off my list because it would have made me cry. I stay as far away from books & movies where an animal is attacked, hurt or killed. 
And yet, I know that's the way it has to be. 
The food chain has to be played out. 

This hawk seems to be doing well with only his one foot.  He made it through to be strong, to continue to be the predator and not someone else's prey. 
Nature truly is a vicious circle. The hawk is beautiful but I don't like that he wants to eat the birds and my cute chipmunks for dinner.  Yet, the chipmunks eat small frogs and worms and it goes on and on. 

I guess that's why I believe in a vegetarian diet. No one gets hurt eating grains & veggies.  

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Until tomorrow...

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