How Much?

Oh, isn’t he nice.
But I bet if I asked
they wouldn’t be willing to tell me a price.

The very thought of selling him
would probably alarm them.

And he does look happy where he is.

I’ll have to settle for
carrying him off in my head.

When I get him home
I’ll put him in a poem
and I’ll make sure he has a great time there.

He can make the place his own.

He can chew on a bone
in front of the fire.

He can go for long walks
and tire himself out.

He can have a proper dog bed
or sleep anywhere he chooses.

And he can look out of the poem’s window
at passers-by
if that’s what he likes doing.

And, even if you read
between the lines,
you’ll find that he doesn’t miss
his old life at all.

No, not one bit.

Dog Of The Hour

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