Messy start to the day

The porridge was yummy - maybe should have checked the recommended microwave timings instead of just bunging it in and guessing. Never mind, my trusty bit of kitchen paper saved the day.

I endured another bus ride home as Ian stayed at work to play Christmas quizmaster. At least I caught Leo a Ditto whilst on the bus (rare Pokemon!) so from his point of view it was worth braving the journey.

We had a few games of UNO before bed tonight. I'd forgotten how much I like that game. I thought Leo was still a bit young for it but they have been playing it at school and he lives it just as much as me. We are going to start a Christmas UNO league and see which if us can win the most games over the holidays. The crafty little tinker has already suggested the two of us sneak a few games in when no-one else is around in order to improve our chances!

In extras, I have captured some lovely autumn leaves I spotted on my lunchtime plod.

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