After every party comes a new morning

After driving Emma to her practise I had some me time. I visited two exhibitions: Heta Laitakari: aQua and Emmi Kallio: after every party comes a new morning. In the picture is the latter one photographed from the outside of the Art Gallery Rajatila. Emmi Kallio has named her delicious coloured painting very cleverly. The large painting in the middle is called The most beautiful balloons are the ones that explode first

Late in the evening we went to see Emma's match, women's II div game Pyrintö Kamut - Pyrintö Mixed. After very tight match the team of older Pyrintö players won something like 69-54, I don't remember the exact numbers, I'll update the text later after the result is updated to Anyway, Emma played very well and her ankle didn't seem to bother her at all.

After the midnight I went to see if northern lights were visible - the result of my nocturnal trip can be seen in Saturday's blip :)

Have a great weekend everyone!

Plus degrees and cloudy weather till 6 PM, then minus degrees and clear sky. It's getting colder!  

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