Dear Saturday, you are my favourite

Magnetic disturbance levels looked promising last night - after midnight I drove to Turri to see if auroras could be seen. Only very faint ones, but I was happy I went. It was beautiful and peaceful out there, and the moon lighten the landscape. Reflections looked quite nice on the ice: on the left hand side are lights of the Rajasalmi bridge and bluish lights in the middle come from the Mustavuori ski slope. Ice made spooky noises.

In the morning I had a walk with Sami in the forest near us, one photo of him in the extras. Sunshine made me smile. Then me and Emma went Christmas shopping. It was great fun; Emma is the best shopping comapny! 

We had Raclette night and later in the evening we watched X Factor UK. Go Saara!

-10°C, sunny

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