She is sorting out the Lego from the bricks. I think it's quite good to delegate small chores to the wee ones so I tested if Mila could pick up the Lego and separate it from the bricks. She was well up to the job and when she filled up the box of bricks she found the lid and put it on again and carried it away to its place only to find that it dropped out of her hand and spilt all over the floor. Luckily she wasn't upset and I quickly helped her to put it back together again.

After being rejected yesterday Mila was in great form with me today. When I went in to get her up from her midday sleep she looked puzzled at me and started to list the people she would have preferred to get her up......... Mummy, Daddy, Jody or Grandad....... No mention of Granny !!!!!! Anyway ..... While sitting in her cot she asked Granny to get her various books starting with My mummy Peppapig and so on. Yes madam, no Madam 3 bags full Madam !!!!!!! She was now in acceptance mode and as she had had a good sleep she was in a good mood. She said bye bye to Daddy peppa pig and was keen to get on her outdoor clothes for a walk.

Off we went after getting on a great paraphernalia of scarves, gloves, hats and boots. Jody was in big energetic mood but Mila insisted on holding Granny's hand during the whole walk and even refused Grandad's hand at one point. :-))))))) I think I'm winning her over and even when mummy came home, although she was delighted she was willing to let Granny to help her down the stairs by doing what she calls " bum bum"

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