By Liangge

Leave to remain

I 'lied' - still in Belfast - after a heartbreaking miss of the flight. Make a long story short, I made everything ready but overlooked (or was really ignorant) the taxi booking which was in such an overdemand.

Companies didn't have automatic booking work as usual and no answers from staffed channel. I wasted at least half an hour before turning to my friends for help. Most of them were not close to me or free to come out immediately. Only one colleague reacted positively but needed to walk to his son's school (with a distance) to collect his car first and drove down the unfamiliar routes. It was a hard wait and a hard drive on the way to the airport due to the traffic jam.

So I was finally 15 minutes later than the check-in closure time and failed to get through. Non-cancellation, non-transfer, non-refund, that was the condition. A re-purchase attempt was that it would cost me double the price (over £1800)...

Now you know my decision... at least I haven't had a real Christmas for some years. There is a saying in my culture that if it rains right before you plans to travel, you'd better take it as an offer to an extended stay. It works in the UK as well.

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