Water Babies


Last day at Centerparcs. And I'm just starting to get into it!!
Mr K had to leave early as he was working today. 
The Little Misses and I had breakfast and packed up. Then it was time to go and get the car.  I was a bit nervous about cycling down to the carpark with the Little Misses. We had to cycle down roads with loads of cars driving back and forth from the lodges. With one or two heart stopping exceptions it went very well - the Little Misses were very good and very obedient to my periodic bellows of STOP!!!!!!!!
I dropped my bike off at the cycle centre, loaded their bikes into the car, headed back to the lodge for the bags, packed the car, headed back to the car park, parked the car and headed for the pool.
We were in the pool at 10am - opening time!!
We had a lovely last few hours swimming, riding the rapids, jumping in the waves and generally having fun. The Little Misses mostly went off on their own - lost in an imaginary world of sea monsters, treasure, hidden caves, codes, heroic sisters and adventure! Fabulous!!
And it gave me plenty of time to sit around on the side, watching them and drinking chai latte. Lovely!
We got out at about 1pm and headed home. Via McDonalds in Milton Keynes because we had no food at home and I fancied a Big Mac meal while I was still on holiday mode!!
It was lovely to get home and see our tree and the house beautifully decorated. I used to hate getting back to our old house but here I feel happy to be home. Yay!!!
With Archie still on his holidays until Mr K picked him up on his way home from work I made the most of a few dog free hours to get on my hands and knees and wash the kitchen, utility and dining room floors. Welcome home!!
Mr K and Archie got home at about 7.30pm. It was so good to see Archie again - I was treated to the full body wag and he launched himself at me from about six feet away. Our family back together again!!

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