Coffee & Journaling Day

I needed to have some time to write and focus on a long entry that was overdue. I haven't written a long entry in a while and I needed it. For me, journaling is therapeutic and helps keep the beehive that's my mind from going crazy. I've been writing for years and I'm still at it… to the point I've found a brand of notebook, Moleskine, that I'd be happy to spend a little bit more on because I like the feel of the paper, I like the spacing between the lines, and how my fountain pens react to the paper.

I Skyped my parents today. My dad's going to be in the country in less than three weeks. I'm excited to have him visit. It's been a while since I was able to spend time with him like this.

I also Skyped a friend, who is currently traveling through Asia at the moment. The internet connect wasn't great but we were still able to have a decent conversation.

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