By SecondSeason

Sunday drive

Today was a great day!  The hubster and I went for a drive with no destination in mind. The Fraser Valley we live in is home to the bald eagle and it seems that over the winter months others seem to migrate to this area as well.  Sadly I didn't have my telephoto lens with me on our drive, but in the photo posted today, there are 3 bald eagles mid flight. (Third one a bit more hidden above the roof of the house.)  They are such amazing creatures!  Made me want to fly...

The bonus to of the day, was stopping in at a pub on the way home and enjoying dinner, drinks and a live blues band!  I was able to get my dance on yet again which makes me very happy.  I'm set for the week!

And thank you to all who have commented, given stars and hearts.  Time restraints don't always allow me to respond, but do know they are greatly appreciated!  You are such kind people. :)

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