Wild Wednesday ....

I have been watching the Red-breasted nuthatches at our feeders for some time now.  They are beautiful birds .... smaller than the white-breasted nuthatches.  

Last week I put out some bark butter and was photographing them from the living room window.  Most of those pictures weren't great as it was raining that day.  With today's mild temperatures I decided to set myself up outside.  I put some more bark butter out and waited.  Thankfully, I didn't have to wait long.  

While I was out there I also photographed some other wildlife so I put together this collage.  Upper left: House sparrow; Lower left: squirrel (of course!); Upper right: red-breasted nuthatch (my target bird!); Lower right: red-bellied woodpecker (at my neighbor's feeder).  The background picture is of Simba watching the whole proceeding out the front door.  As you can see ... he is clearly unimpressed! (If I had known I would be taking that picture I would have cleaned the window first!)

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