Blueberry is a ten week old Cocker Spaniel. She's still a bit young to go to the DogPark even though she's a feisty little girl and loves to play with the BigDogs. They are very gentle and careful with her. Blueberry and Tara love to give each other kisses. Her Cuteness Factor is definitely a 10+! Blueberry  is being 'socialized' and will soon go to her new home in Michigan. Her new mom owns a Blueberry Farm so Blueberry will hopefully fit right in. 
I considered posting her in mono but it didn't do her justice!
*Remembering Dr Martin Luther King today. How might have our world been different if he had not been assassinated?

"Photography is a Love Affair with Life"
Burk Uzzle 1938  (Burk Uzzle was the youngest photographer ever hired by LIFE Magazine)

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