By trisharooni

Camera Shy

This is a caterpillar, and we're looking at his head.
I think.
He has a bit of a mohawk down his back.

He was thinking of eating my lemon tree, so I put him on some black paper and waited for him to perform.
He's not playing ball, but has been sitting quite still for an hour.

I'll put him out of his misery and take him back outside, but maybe a bit further from the lemon.

When I googled him I was staggered at the number and variety of caterpillars there are, but none quite like this.

Maybe Paladian or Doli might know.
There's an extra for identification.

Returned to Blackheath today, as Sydney's set to sizzle.
So's Blackheath, but at least it'll be cool at night.

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