Abstract Thursday: Impressionism

Busy morning with a top up food shop, pet food shop and a most delicious treat of a Costa latte and a scrumptious bagel with egg, cheese & bacon (clue as to why I'm not losing weight!! though that is the very first time I've had anything to eat along with the latte - honest!). Then onto the vets for young pups stitch removal: first one came out fine, the 2nd not so fine - ouch! but he has healed beautifully :-)

A frustrating hour on the PC trying to copy photos onto a memory stick to put onto little'uns laptop ..... but my pc was not happy to comply grrrrrrr.

Only 1 photo taken today: en-route to little'uns school to watch her class do their "sharing assembly" (all about citizenship, environment & "Brown Betty" their new outdoor classroom- it was fab!) a lovely afternoon, a lovely scene but it is another sea/sun/clouds composition of which I seem to be taking quite a lot of recently.

So at long past my bedtime, having just had the loveliest of chats with big lad, I thought I'd join in the Abstract Thursday Impressionist challenge .... however my art knowledge is limited ... I have also cheated by altering the photo using the wonderful Prisma app .... this is in the style of Francis Picabia's painting "Udnie" ..... though I have just read that his impressionist period was probably over by then, so this may not be an impressionist blip after all - sorry & good night!Thanks to Ingeborg for hosting & increasing my knowledge of Impressionism - original is in as extra

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