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By RichieBoo

TunedIn to Redcar

Went back to York today (kept my eyes open for Blipper Philiphoto ;) to pick my camera back up after having the sensor cleaned.  A quick trip around a couple of the shops and then we departed. 

On the way back we called into a retail park and decided to have a bite to eat before heading home.  So we decided on a well-known chain as I like their Calzone pizza and I ordered a cheese & garlic mushroom starter. 

My starter arrived and the mushrooms were in an oblong bowl on a plate and when I attempted to turn the dish around as it was pointing the wrong way I burnt my fingers and thumbs! I immediately placed my hands around my glass of iced water to cool them down.   (I'm pleased I didn't try and pick the bowl up!) After a couple of minutes my digits had cooled down and I ate my starter feeling very annoyed...  When a waitress passed the table I brought it to her attention suggesting that customers should be informed when piping hot cookware is being presented to the customer to prevent this from happening.  She apologised and said that all staff have been told to inform customers and she would have a chat with the waiter that served us.  He came over and said sorry.  I explained that my trade as a self-employed barber involves me using these digits and this could have been a costly affair on my part!

We were presented with the bill - no discount which I feel should have been offered as a gesture of goodwill or even a free coffee would have been appreciated as a matter of courtesy.  NO - not even a follow up apology. 

I'm a fan of trip advisor and all my comments that I post are ALL 5* comments - as I'm a great believer in, if you nothing nice to say - don't say anything at all.  If I simply didn't like somewhere either due to bad service and or food/beverages I simply just don't go back.  But if I've received excellent service and had a great experience I always post a great review and if I can - name the person who delivered it.

On this occasion - for the very first time - I will be posting a review based on the dangers to watch for in this food outlet – as for something so simple to inform customers of a potential danger, could result in a very serious burn/accident! (a little rant for you lol)

Good news - I managed to walk today keeping my back straight and with little pain (that was until I sneezed whilst driving - Ouch!!!)

Other good news - I've now got my camera back - with no dust spots on my images -so I don't have to photoshop them out. lol

The above image - is a community hub based in Redcar called TunedIn" and had a wee divert of the main road home to take it.

Hope you're all having a great weekend ”Carry on Blipping!"

NB - It wasn't till I got home and I noticed the blisters on my left thumb and finger :(

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