Richie Boo

By RichieBoo

Polar Express

OK - it's the Brick Train sculpture by David Mach at Darlington - but whilst I was stood there taking this, it felt like I was at the North Pole! It was blooming cold!!

So today was day 1 of 4 at the barber workshop and it was intense!! WoW - I demonstrated on two heads and thankfully they left as happy customers :)

Learnt a couple of new tips today, so that's good.  It's good to see how others do things differently and yet we all ended up with the same result.  A full on day and now I'm ready for dropping.  It's certainly opened my eyes and given me a lot of food for thought.

Still using RAW images - I love the extra control you have on post processing.  So it appears I'm always on a learning curve on everything I do, so never a dull moment.

Hope you're all well  "Carry on Blipping!" :))

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