"The Compass Of My Mind"

Having to backblip as the compass of my mind has been put out by the death throes of my laptop. I've been laboriously saving stuff onto my portable HD trying to beat the black screen of death. 

Today's poem is Peace by Amy Witting http://www.poetrylibrary.edu.au/poets/witting-amy/peace-0396039

I'm very fortunate to have experienced peace and that "perfect circle" from the bow of a yacht and heard "heartbeat" of its engine many times off the coasts of Greece and Turkey. Bit confused by "and the mast" as that would have been behind her, out of her field of view, if she was on the bow.

My sisters and I found the darling little compass at the family home when we were preparing the house for sale. I was delighted, when I looked at my macro images of it on screen, to see that the tiny sun symbol by the S for south has a smiley face.  We think it might have belonged to my paternal grandmother or to our father. Such a shame that it's broken. :(

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