The life of Lyndsey

By LyndseyJ

In the news!

Today a news article was published about a paper I co-authored as part of my research internship (before my PhD). It's quite nice to see its popularity on my Facebook and twitter accounts... it's the most liked post for a while! I blip a copy of the conference proceedings (that I got for free!) which includes our publication.

The rest of the day was okay but not fab. I was very uncomfortable during the night so it was late when I finally settled and got to sleep. As a result, my attendance at the office started later than usual (about 10.15) so I'd lost some working time before I began.

I managed to get a few things done in the office:
(1) Gave the news article the okay;
(2) Updated my workshop plan for the upcoming symposium;
(3) Answered more emails that flooded through;
(4) Had a meeting with a student and lecturer;
(5) Started my PowerPoint presentation for the workshop noted above (and realised how long it takes to write slides and accompanying notes!)

I have been advised to take it easy and not return to work full time too quick. Although I've managed perfectly fine today I am aware that the pain has not yet gone and that it will get worse if I don't rest when I need to. That advice was given by a lovely lady who has experienced something similar herself, and knows how seriously recovery time should be taken.

I am having a quiet evening tonight - an early(er) tea of herby chicken, broccoli and ovened taties followed by a long hot bath.

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