Confusing Contentment

By blouseybrown

Crumbling Memory?

I had the key to the door at 21
I climbed the 39 steps
and travelled on route 66
until I met the prime minister at Number 10
They were dining on 2 swans (22)
with Heinz (57) baked beans.
The prime minister was retiring soon on his 65th birthday
But first he was attending a ceremony commemorating the end of the war (45)
He said he couldn't understand the popularity of Big Brother considering the title came from the Orwell book (84)
After all that I had a nice 99 flake icecream cone.

I've got a book and it reckons if you use a story you can remember a long series of numbers. I have remembered this one! But apart from reassuring myself that my memory still functions, I cannot think of a reason why I would want to be remembering such a long string of numbers.

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