Jet, Set For Spring

Strange as it might seem, the fact that this Jet Provost flew over late this afternoon is a sign of spring. The skies have been nearly empty but yesterday I saw and photographed a powered hang-glider in the murk.

The Jet Provost is based at Swords Aviation in North Weald and is painted in the South Arabian Air Force colours - not that they can be seen in the poor light.

I've had a frustrating day and didn't get out with the camera until late because I've been grappling with my wireless printer. I was nearly in tears at one point as I'm so rubbish. What a relief when I finally got it set up.

Today's poem is The Bee's Last Journey To The Rose by Brian Patten

I love the lack of ambiguity, the simplicity of this but I didn't really twig what Patten meant. Love it even more now that I have heard his introduction.

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