Nicky does not care for Agapanthus, unless they are growing beside motorways. In fact, he calls them 'motorway flowers'. He feels they are too big for gardens, and I know that many city councils around the country now class them as a noxious weed/invasive species. But I like seeing them outside my bedroom window in January and February - with the blue of the sea beyond, they look very summery. So, although he chopped some down while he was here, I insisted that he leave the ones outside the window. He almost did - the area he cut has encroaches into about 25 percent of the view!

It was a lovely clear, sunny morning for his departure today, so he would have had a good view as the plane took off from Nelson, heading for Auckland. The temperature was hardly summery though - 13ºC!  It did warm up later, but never enough for me to change into a tee-shirt. I got a few loads of laundry done, and as I was hanging clothes out on the line the breeze was blowing from the south, with a bracing feel to it. Surely it should be warmer than this by now?!

I spent some of today doing my annual jigsaw puzzle. On looking back to blips this time last year, I see that I started one on 7th February 2016, so it must be time!  Hopefully I shall get it finished by the time I have to take Immy to Wellington in a couple of weeks; we're into the "Moving Out" countdown now. Tomorrow she's doing a barista course, as I've finally managed to pin down the woman who delivers them, having tried, on and off, for two years!  Immy has been working part-time at the café both last summer and this, but only last week did someone show her how to make coffee, a skill that she really needs when job-hunting in the capital. Hopefully once she has the certificate under her belt, she'll be allowed to do some more coffee-making, to improve her skills.

The jigsaw may, or may not, get blipped in the fullness of time.

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