An ordinary life....

By Damnonii

I can resist everything...

except temptation :-)

Sitting with a cuppa this morning and this little beauty was sitting on the table laughing up at me, saying sniff me, lick me, eat me.....

Fortunately my will of steel and desire to eat healthily saw me resist and return this mouthwatering treat to its box.  Well that and the fact it's made of soap!  :-))))

Busy wee day here today.  Bit of an overdue clear out in the living room.  Stuff has been getting dumped in there for weeks and finally I had enough of looking at it.  Thankfully most of it was binned, which gave me great satisfaction.  

The house was oddly quiet today as all the workmen had moved outside to start building the decking.  They made great progress but when I looked out the window a little while ago, there was a good covering of snow so not sure they'll be able to carry on tomorrow.  

I did some thing today that I think I've only done maybe once or twice in my whole life....I put a photo of myself into a photo frame.  Just me in the photo.  It felt very odd! 

I was given the frame by my best friend as part of my 50th birthday gifts and as the frame says 50th birthday on it, so I didn't really have much choice as to who's photo was going into it.   Whether it gets displayed anywhere is another matter :-)  

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