Crazy hair day

Today was our last day for half term. It was also crazy hair day for GOSH as one of our little ones has leukaemia. I had stuck so much product in my hair it wouldn't really move.
The children at school were just as wild and crazy with their hair. One little had a unicorn horn and another one had two muffins in her hair!
Came home and washed my hair straight away. It felt so good.
I have got my hands on another few chapters of my book and I am updating the first proof.
Once that has been done and my lovely editor has done a few changes I can then print off a couple of copies so that I can get some more opinions. ( I'm going to take them to school that some of my lovely yr6s can read it!)
If any of you blip lovelies want to have a read and give me your feedback then please let me know.

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