As the apprenticeship people have gone really quiet, today I armed myself with a few copies of my cv and had a wander around town leaving them with anyone that would take one. On a whim, I went into the the shopping mall and dropped one off at one of my fav stores to shop in. And 10mins later I had a phone call to ask me to go in for an interview Friday morning. Great!

At 5pm, Hannah, Fati and I walked to CS and TJC's new pad for an evening of varied conversation, lots of laughs and banter. We had some fizz to celebrate relationships, new exciting ventures, and pizza! And we tried to dismantle Fran's gigantic bar of chocolate but pizza had done such a good job, we couldn't. Fail.

Here's a selfie I took to send to my sister. And the only picture I've taken today. You're welcome.

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