At It Again!

I'm back here again. The reason I'm sharing this photo is because I forgot to take any other photos beyond my adventure in the gym. I photograph the rowing screen, pictured, to keep a record of my stats, so I can log them in my computer at a later date. I'm loving it and the pain I feel after a good workout.

I also posted another update on my blog today, click here if you want to read about the motivation behind why I'm working out and the goal I'm working towards. My best friend get me membership with the My Peak Challenge 2017. The goal behind MPC2017 is that, through community support, people can reach the goals they set for themselves. You'll need to read my blog post to find it what my sports goal is… I'll write another post in a few weeks about my non-sports related goals as I'm still figuring out what these will be.

It started snowing on my way home, which was a lot of fun… first time I've biked home in the snow in a while. I wonder if it'll continue to snow.

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