Winter Surrealism (again!!)

A relaxing morning, enjoying yet more skiing on the tele, and working on the photobook, followed by a stressful afternoon. After a plea for help, spent the afternoon talking to my father’s bank as his bank card had been stolen in London and someone had been on a shopping spree with it. Due to the new contactless card system, they didn’t need his pin to use the card, but luckily the £30 contactless limit meant they’d only managed to spend £170 before the card was cancelled. Thankfully I managed to resolve the matter and the fraudulent transactions have now been refunded by the bank. But there’s a lesson there, be very careful with your contactless bank cards, thieves can very easily have a field day with them!

So after all that kerfuffle, just time to grab a blip of the Christmas Roses in the garden (again!), and use the Surrealism app (again!) to create a painterly image for today.  If you look carefully, there’s even a surrealistic teeny weeny bug thrown in for good measure!!

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