One year on...

One candle for one year of community owned blip!

To answer the question posed by blip central yesterday - What does blip mean to me?
A positive, friendly, encouraging, interesting place to spend time with people and images that inform, challenge and sometimes soothe. 
A great way to gain insights into how life looks in different parts of the world.
A means of meeting people and finding common ground through pictures and written words.
A way to meet people in the flesh and spend time breathing the same air, in north Lancashire or Portugal, or Birmingham...
The necessary spur to get me to get my camera out every day.
A good way of fine-tuning my eyes to really SEE what's there in front of me.
A place to learn new tricks with photographs, to be inspired to expand my palette.
A dialogue with the blip community is time well spent. Thanks for all YOUR contributions!
I feel so grateful!

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