Zig Zag

Ooops that went off before I was ready.
No sunshine today but mild and windy. Son#1 has managed another swim, a stroll around the circuit undertaken and tonight we might go to the pictures - either The Wall (son#1's choice - Matt Damon doing something improbable on the Great Wall of China) or Hidden Figures (women actually doing all the hard work behind NASA space race to get a man into space).
And an irresistible bit of net curtain for derelict sunday - thanks to 60plus for doing the business. And a quick reminder that IHWM17 only has 9 more days. I have been very slack as I have a back log of wells from my north Cork trip to write up and haven't been out in the field much. If you haven't found your local well - now's the time!
And thank you for all the comments for yesterday's :)

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