The life of Lyndsey

By LyndseyJ

Hole in the wall...

Today we got a new boiler in 50% of a new boiler in, but a few mistakes were made along the way and I am currently paying the price:
(1) the admin staff called me at 9am demanding I pay the deposit, only to realise that's my landlords job;
(2) the engineers then put a massive hole in the wall (blipped). This is an external wall which would not budge but apparently it did with force. It then covered everything (including me, my PhD work and my coffee) in a coating of white brick dust;
(3) the engineers accidentally DRILLED A HOLE IN OUR BATH with an industrial drill. They couldn't figure out why the other guy could not see the tip of the drill poking through. It turns out our bath was in the way;
(4) the engineers broke a floor tile in the bathroom and did not realise they had done this;
(5) our new boiler has a massive fault on one of the parts. The engineers noticed this and forgot to tell me until 7pm by which time I was without a boiler (no heating, no hot water!). I am currently residing in a hotel so I can wash the dust out of my hair.

My PhD work has progressed well. I suppose that's what 9 hours sitting in front of a computer does for productivity. I was trapped in my living room most of the day and was camped out on my table.

Tomorrow will be more exciting as I get to visit home for an urgent appointment ;-)

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