Washed Ashore

Thankfully I'm feeling much better (apart from an irritating cough that seizes me from time to time!), so yesterday I zoomed off to Mum's to bring her home with me for a few days as we have a special family day tomorrow. Arriving home late afternoon, the sun kept popping out from behind the clouds and spreading a lovely light across the landscape. There was no telling whether or not it would be at the 'hide' stage of its game of hide and seek at sunset but it seemed worth a quick trip to Lake Pier to see......and, besides, I'd had very little fresh air in a week, so a bit of sea air was most welcome. 

The owner of the boat in my blip informed me that it had been washed ashore in the recent high winds and he was trying to work out a strategy to get back afloat. I told him that until he did so, it was likely to provide foreground interest for lots of photographers as it was sitting there quite decoratively in front of the sunset!

Many thanks for everything for recent blips! Enjoy the rest of the weekend!

Ann :))

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