A stormy day with lots of rain and the odd rumble of thunder. I went to Fishers Green thinking that I would have to sit in a hide but the sun broke through when I arrived. I had a nice chat with a pair of Canada geese and took the top left image. This gave me the idea of snapping some more bird head shots. A ring-necked parakeet, a mute swan and a great spotted woodpecker obliged. :)

Today's poem is The Sentry by Alun Lewis. https://airsquadron.wordpress.com/2012/03/04/ww2-poem-by-alun-lewis-the-sentry/

It is a poem of utter despair. The poor man suffered from depression. He was a pacifist but had a change of heart, joined the Royal Engineers and went to war in 1941. Alun Lewis took his own life in 1944.   

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