A and E

I am very fortunate to enjoy good health and tramp up Bohuntin Hill if I feel like it. Thank you for the kind words and favs yesterday.

This morning I woke with a wee twinge in my back. I got through the desk stuff quite efficiently (for the last three site  days) and moved on to data and kit prepararation for tomorrow. Everything clean and dry, batteries fully charged, I started carting stuff out to the car. One more trip for a wee battery (like a small motorcycle battery), I bent down and couldn't stand up.


Mrs SJR and our friend J helped me up to my feet then all I could do was cling to the back of a chair. After debate about what to do next; like try to get a prescription over the phone but with no assurance I would get a call back so late in the afternoon, I was eased in to the car and Mrs SJR drove me to the Belford.
I  was attended to by really caring staff and got drugs which made me feel much better (akin to being slightly drunk I think) and got me moving again. (My problem being a back muscle in spasm, I am wondering if one of my many falls earlier in the week twisted  something)
I rarely go to a doctor but we are so lucky to have a service like this if you really need it.   

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