When I went in to the horse stables this morning to feed and muck out, I did glance at the camera to make sure the horses hadn't attacked it. It's attached to the ceiling at a position where they probably could if they wanted to. Horses don't tend to do much star gazing and very often are not disturbed by noises or events in the skies - a loud plane or helicopter worries them less than a tractor, train or car.

During the mucking out, I happened to notice the camera head had changed position. Worried me - has our WiFi been hacked by the Chinese, North Koreans, Trump or May? I pulled the plug. This evening when Angie came home, she told me how she had enjoyed watching me at work when she was in Munich! I had stupidly installed the App on her mobile phone which allows her to see the picture and manoeuvre the camera. I'm sure it's forbidden for employees to be spied on, so will make some changes to the software!

Felt much warmer than the 4 or 5°C on the thermometer although a strong wind, as can be seen on Flash's coat and tail. Down to the stream where he even went in for a drink and to rescue a branch. Further down we spotted the rather nice (if you like such things) textile heart with embroidered edges. Must be a left over from the beavers Valentine's day celebrations. No houses nearby where it could have come from. Finally at the entrance to the village, it looks like Farmer Müller is getting his grandchildren started on taking over some of the less pleasant farm jobs.

Just as we went out for the evening walk it started raining and when I put the horses to bed it was snowing/sleeting and although we are at the altitude limit, apparently quite a bit of snow due higher up. Typical April weather!.

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