Crazy Blossom Tree

So crazy that it looked plastic. We are now in Madrid in our apartment which is very nice. The metro was not working from the airport but we found another means by bus and Metro. I think we may take a taxi next time as lugging the cases upstairs in the metro was a bit tough. There didn't seem to be many escalators.

We didn't go out for a meal tonight and decided to make our own tapas from the ample produce in the nearby supermarkets.
Lovely tomatoes and peppers so much cheaper and better than UK
I'm glad Mr AF is sleeping as its again quite noisy outside with men power hosing the bins. Earlier it was a gang of students across the road. It sounded like a scene from an Almodovar film. We are near the university. They do things late here.

Tomorrow isn't even planned yet but that will not be a problem. See you then. I'm off to crash out

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