Flower Friday Common Hellebore

How would you crop this photo? I spent way too much time thinking about the cropping options.  I added the original scene and two possible cropping in extra......what do you think? I think I like my Thumbnail best....but decided to keep a bit more of the photo as my actual Blip. I wanted to show the one flower facing us but also liked the shape and colors of the downward flowers. Hmmmm.....it isn't usually do difficult to decide.

I spent a bit of time watching the eagles again today. They were in and out of the nest; bringing in more nesting material. Also, spending a lot of time together in the nest rearranging branches. They seemed very well adjusted and tolerant, taking turns moving branches around. They seemed to be one happy couple.   :-))  I will maybe get some photos tomorrow. I was busy visiting with another birding friend while we were watching the eagles. Come back tomorrow and see if the weather cooperates and I get a good eagle photo. 

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