He has a Great Drinking Technique

The bird is a Monk Parakeet identified by chickychick. Should be easy for you birders to ID this pretty parrot like fellow drinking out of a fountain in the Royal Botanic Gardens in Madrid. Isn't it strange how one can never predict what one can choose as a photo for one's daily blip shot. For sure I could not have predicted the photos presented so far from Spain. There have been some magnificent buildings too. Today we came out of the subway to be greeted by an enormous white Palacio, the Palacio de Cibeles, not on our itinerary. There was a lot of traffic about and I thought I could try one of these shots with speeding cars in the foreground. Mmmmm should try harder but I can't keep Mr AF hanging about too long. However he was entranced by 2 girls rushing in to the middle of the busy roads when the lights stopped the traffic and doing some balletic moves and throws and then collecting money from the stopped traffic. It had to be perfectly timed.

Our mission today was to walk through the Retiro Park and head for the botanical gardens after that. Not that I minded but it appeared that and because it was a Saturday and very warm, half of Madrid joined us. I just love people watching and action photographing and I did quite well but the drinking bird is a new photo type for me so it's still the winner. Pity that I have no facility for extra shots but I might see about something extra when I get home. The day finished off with the walk to the Botanic Gardens which had to be a quick hour and can be thoroughly recommended even at this time of year. I think it could be as good as the gardens in Madeira.

We just cooked something at home as the restaurants would have been very busy.

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