Thank You Vern Cotter!

A dry start to the morning - up early to get big lass out to her sports, big lad up & out to golf & little'un out to her hockey. She was utterly thrilled to receive Player of the Week for: great play, great attitude, super listening and fab behaviour, she has the trophy for the week ..... one VERY happy girl who sang & beamed her way home!

Vern Cotter has just reduced all Scottish Rugby fans to tears ... he has turned our team round in the last 3 years: this year has been our most successful 6 Nations in 10 years with us winning 3 out of 5 matches, a true gent - such a shame he's going, we all salute you and thank you for everything!

A good Scottish performance: 29-0 v Italy (well done cbl2 on your accurate bp prediction) though the first 20 mins of the 2nd half were pretty awful! Some very good play to watch too - thanks boys for a great tournament.

Away out to collect big lass soon then we are settling down to watch Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them ... the girls saw this at the cinema and loved it, so very much looking forward to watching it again.

Thank you all SO VERY MUCH for your incredible support, lovely comments, stars & hearts for my milestone blip yesterday, I really do appreciate it all :-)

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