My Favourite People

A typical Saturday morning today. Swimming and Harris + Hoole for the Little Misses and a lovely long bath for me.
Then there was much craziness on the sofa!
I have to laugh sometimes when the whole family ends up on that sofa. Me, Mr K, the Little Misses AND Archie .
It's not like we live in a mansion but there is really no need to all end up squeezed into such a tiny space!
The Little Misses spent most of the rest of the day outside on the trampoline. There was much squealing and laughter.
And Miss E - rather enterprisingly - was charging Miss L 5p for lessons in technique. All very well organised in classes of different levels with snack and drink breaks in between!
Later in the afternoon they went round to Miss A and Miss J's house for a couple of hours playing. Mr K and I had grand plans for what we could do while they were gone. In the end we just sat watching Final Score and faffed about on the Internet. Quality time together!!!

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