Mr John

By MrJohn

The Dalesway .....

..... run.

I've had a nice day off work today and have spent it mainly pottering. After an hour of housework first thing, I had a text from an ex work mate asking if I fancied meeting him for a cuppa in town, any exscuse to get out of housework .
We had a pot of tea for two and a toasted teacake each ( very civilised ) and after a nice chat and catch up I headed back home.

After cleaning my fishtanks out and then cooking myself a rather nice steak, mushroom and onion sandwich for lunch, I had a surprise visit from the P's including Mini Pea who was enjoying a day out around Ilkley in her pram. It's the first time Mini Pea has visited my house since she popped. For most of the visit Mini Pea was feeding, it's all good practice for future Wednesday cake nights :-)

The afternoon was spent in my front garden tidying up all the plant pots which seem to only grown weeds in them this year, after pulling up the last of the garlic, deadheading the lilys and planting out a few bedding plants to fill the gaps it looks a lot tidier. Once I'd finished the garden I popped along to the local auction room to see what tat was on offer this week and then called in to work to pick up a new Petzle head torch I'd ordered off ebay that had been delivered there. It should come in very handy for a bit of night time off road running this winter.

This evening has been the usual Tuesday night Ilkley Harriers run for me. As I am planning to run a race after work tomorrow I headed out on a shorter run tonight. The group was lead by Neil and we had a nice steady 6 mile run along the Dalesway, no sprinting just a good honest run. This photo was taken in one of the fields in Addingham. on the way back there was a gorgeous red sunset, but my camera struggled to cope with the low light and movement of everyone running, so those photos all came out a bit grainy.

As the scenery was slightly more picturesqe than the weeds in my garden, today's blip is .....

..... The Dalesway run.

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