TOUCH ... PRESS ... SNAP ... SAVE ... SHARE ...

"What did you say? I can' t hear you! Could you please say it again? Aaahh, now I understand."

"To share or not to share?" That' s the most important question for you, dear Hamlet of the 21st century... You don' t need to keep a human skull in your hand because modern evolution gave you something much much better. Instead of non-speaking skull you are holding handy and beautifully designed (fully integrated) personal assistant :

who knows more than everyone else (depends on your data limit)
who assists you with your usual tasks
who tracks your steps if you want
who gives you an information you need
who shares your position where you are
who takes your photo as its best

You know how it works when you are keeping your online 4G camera assistant in the pocket ;-)Everything is possible within the seconds. Everything is so easy in today' s world.

Almost everyone should be a photographer on your own.
Almost everyone should be a photo journalist inside the city. Almost everyone should be a travel photographer while abroad. Almost everyone should have his own style how to express this.
Almost everything or everyone should be a subject of the photography.

What you see is what you snap ;-)
Take the picture of what you seeing, meeting, eating, drinking, doing, working, listening, building, driving, tracking...
And all what you need to know before you release the shutter is a perfect timing.

Here is the timing of the process:

5 seconds you need for taking the smartphone out of your pocket (except 25% of users who are keeping the phone in their left or right hand constantly during the walk)
5 seconds you need for unlocking the phone if you have an option for using the fingerprint (basically for swipe gesture or six digit pin you need the same time)
5 seconds you need for opening the camera application (simply tap the icon on your main screen and wait for response)
5 seconds you need for choosing the right composition (no, I don' t think so that most of the insta-photographers are using manual settings in their smartphones)
5 seconds you need for opening the option to share the picture (let me guess what' s your favourite app to share)
5 seconds you need for finishing the process inside the context menu (no, don' t tell me that you are the post-processing enthusiast)
5 seconds you need for uploading the new picture onto your online profile instantly (4G network inside the modern cities help you a lot)
5 seconds you need until you will hear the tone of app' s notification for the first time (your notifications are turn on. Am I right?)

Beep ... Here we go ;-) First heart is here ;-) And it takes no more than 40 seconds ;-)


TOUCH ... PRESS ... SNAP ... SAVE ... SHARE... It' s your mantra. Repeat.
Again and again and again. Show me where you are. Share your location. Add a word or two to your post.

Ahhh, you' ve just came under the North Bridge and right now you have a beautiful view on the Balmoral hotel and Scott Monument. No way, take the picture. We would like to see more.

Lucky you ;-) Another virtual frame in your collection. Another file in your cloud. Another memory record in your phone. Now, you don' t forget about it.

You made it despite the fact you were not sure ;-) The question is here again : "To share or not to share?". Take it easy.

Hope that some notification will bring the noise inside your pocket ;-)
Be ready for that ;-)

Beep! Beep!

Hand in your pocket. Check...

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